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Discover your perfect blend from 4 different heat/flavor levels.


These blends will change the way you think about your food. Each blend is comprised of several different distinct cultivars.


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Different Heats and Flavors


Don't be held hostage to other's heat tolerance - spice up your own serving! Select from our range of artisan blends of heat-matched pepper varieties offering a robust pepper flavor and defined heat. Whatever your preferred flavor and heat profile - you will find it here.  If you are unsure what you like, you can experiment and find it. SHU = Scoville Heat Unit, a measurement of capsaicin concentration, or "heat" of  any given pepper variety.

Hotlanta Peppers Signature Blends:

  • Devil Went Down to Georgia: 1,000,000 SHU
  • ITP Inferno: 500,000 SHU
  • Georgia Asphalt: 100,000 SHU
  • Midnight Train to Georgia: 10,000 SHU

Organically Grown Peppers


All peppers are grown from seeds purchased from certified seed vendors such as Heirloom, Burpee, Sandia, and Pepper Joe's.  Pepper plants are grown under organic conditions (no pesticides, no herbicides) right in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.  Once ripened, the peppers are hand picked, inspected, selected, washed, dried in a professional food dehydrator, crushed, and stored under humidity and temperature control to preserve freshness, flavor, and heat. Different pepper types representing a broad flavor profile yet with similar heat levels are then blended together  in a superb mix to bring you maximum flavor at a heat level that is to your specific preference.

Discover Your Own Distinctive Blend


Choose from a wide variety of blended dried and crushed peppers from a variety of different pepper types, flavors, and heat levels in 0.5 oz quantities. Each named blend from "Midnight Train to Georgia" to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" successively steps up the heat. This culminates in the "Hotlanta Supreme" blend that is the hottest blend of Carolina Reapers (red, yellow, and chocolate) that you can get. If you are not sure what you like, try our "Flight of Peppers" product to taste a small quantity of each distinctive blend to find your sweet heat spot.  We recommend a pepper mill for storing and dispensing these blends for ultimate control of flake size and delivered amount. A little bit goes a long way! Come back to refill or to experiment with other blends.


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